Every types of peoples are in internet some are good and some are bad . Some internet user copy our content and upload this in his own website’s the .   this is not good for our website’s search engine optimisation.  it is bad for your traffic . The only one way for protect this types of spam link that you have to block there IP address.

as you all know that every internet user has his own IP address which use we use internet and website. If you block any peoples IP address so he could not visit in your website again .

How To Block Spam IP Address In WordPress ? 

Friends if you also want to block spam address from your wordpress so you have to read all methods which are given below.  There are many method for doing this which I will describe you one by one

Block IP address by  “lionscript plugin”

Friends this is a best way for block IP address if you want to block spam IP address from lionscript plugin so  here are two methods for-

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